If you thought making a decision to purchase a point-of-sale systems was confusing and complicated, then don’t be surprised that deciding on who you should select to provide credit card processing maybe even more complicated!

Do you understand discount, interchange, basis points, downgrades, qualified and non-qualified? Do not feel bad if you don’t as most business owners don’t! In most cases business owners don’t even know the true cost, to their business, of accepting credit cards, a necessity in todays business climate.

Priority1 POS makes your decision simple! Since we represent multiple banks and processors we will analyze your current merchant processing statement for free to make sure you are not overpaying for this service. If you don’t accept credit cards we analyze your business first and then provide you with a competitive quote from the processor that suits your business needs i.e next day funds deposit, acceptance of debit and loyalty cards to name a few.

All of our systems are compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay